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Glacier Distilling Mule Kick

Oh boy—where to start. . .

The Mule Kick is a wild ride no matter how you approach it—the combination of jalapeno, garlic, and black pepper corn is not for the faint of heart or delicate of palate. That being said, this is one seriously tasty spirit. Taken straight, the Mule Kick establishes a whole new definition of “eye-opener,” and it packs enough of a wallop to drop drinkers of lesser fortitude where they stand. And that is just from the spice, since it is not high-proof at a reasonable 40% ABV. While the spice and the heat are pronounced, they are not overbearing to the point of drowning out the rich flavors that back them.

It is, admittedly, not as versatile as many other liqueurs, but do not let that deter you. There is, quite simply, no better addition to a Bloody Mary than this. Try replacing whatever vodka you would normally use with some Mule Kick for one of the most invigorating and intense brunch drinks you have ever had. You can also check out their website ( for other get-up-and-go recipes like their Mule Kick Martini, their take on the Moscow Mule, or their Dirty Kicker if you like something on the brinier side. If your palate is constantly craving something spicy, then this should absolutely be behind your bar. It is intense, and sometimes that is exactly what you need to break out of a cocktail rut and get out exploring new territory.

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