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Bozeman Spirits Sidecar Rum Cream

Winter naturally inclines us towards richer, heavier indulgences to gird us against the grey days and the long, cold nights. Here in Montana, those nights come quickly and seem to last for ages. The simple pleasure of a rich drink after a hard day dealing with the cold is one of winter’s great little moments, and the new Sidecar Rum Cream is a perfect fit for it. Based on Bozeman Spirits’ Prairie Schooner spiced rum, the Sidecar walks confidently onto the stage dominated by the likes of Bailey’s and easily steals the spotlight. The nose is heavy with the silky sweetness of almonds and vanilla, and the palate is as velvet-smooth as can be, leaving behind the sweetness from the nose in favor of rich cream and the gentle warmth of the rum to finish it off. If you are looking for a change from your usual Irish cream liqueur, the Sidecar Rum Cream should be first up on the list.

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