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Bluewater Organic Vodka

When you see the term “craft” on a spirits label, you have to remember that it has no standard definition and can often just be a marketing ploy to gussy-up an otherwise ho-hum product. Every now and then, however, that term is a perfectly good descriptor of a spirit that is well worth your time. Bluewater Distillery’s Bluewater organic vodka is one such instance.

Coming from a dock-side distillery in Everett, Washington, this vodka has a refinement and elegance that can turn heads. Distilled from grains in copper pot stills heated by open flames (which is unusual for vodkas and takes much more time, craftsmanship, and artistry than more common commercial column stills), Bluewater is a USDA-certified organic spirit bottled in American glass, and the distillery is a contributor to 1% For the Planet, a group that connects businesses with non-profits working on environmental sustainability and preservation. As far as environmentally-conscious companies go, Bluewater Distilling certainly puts money on the line to support its causes. The added bonus: this is a beautifully made vodka at an attractive price.

The nose is smooth and soft with only a hint of alcohol, and the palate delivers a subtle grain sweetness that evolves into a pleasantly warm finish. This vodka delivers everything you would expect out of a true craft spirit—subtlety, depth, and balance that stands up perfectly well on its own or with an olive or a twist. With all of the care and attention that goes into its production, Bluewater Organic Vodka is a no-fuss spirit right out of the bottle, and that alone makes it a bit of a rarity in the crowded vodka market.

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