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Frïs Vodka

There is a secret to vodkas: price does not always scale directly with quality. You can find yourself spending top-dollar for a spirit that is, at best, decent, or you can find clean, highly enjoyable vodka for surprisingly little coin. Enter Frïs, a curiously inexpensive critter that can stand up to many of the major-label brand names that you might already know. The freeze distillation process helps produce a clean, crisp, and eminently drinkable spirit that works best in cocktails. The mildly bitter body works to balance out a lot of the sweetness that you normally encounter in cocktails like screwdrivers and Cape Codders, so Frïs stands out as an excellent counter-weight to keep them from steering to hard towards the sweet side. All things considered, this vodka is a work-horse that can help carry and balance the loads of your favorite vodka drinks without also carrying a hefty price tag. When you are talking bargain-basement-priced vodkas, Frïs is the Danish King that rules over them all.


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