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Wildrye Distilling’s Wildrye Premium Vodka

Two things are always true about vodka: one, it is the simplest kind of spirit; and two, a good vodka is a clean vodka. To put it a little simply, vodka can be made from absolutely anything that ferments—a distillate can only qualify as a “vodka” when it comes off of the still at a minimum 95% alcohol by volume. That being said, different types of stills can produce a rectified spirit at that ABV easier than others. One of the least common families of stills used in making vodka are pot stills, and yet that is exactly the kind of still they use at Bozeman’s own Wildrye Distilling. You typically see these kinds of stills in making whiskeys, and no one has more reverence for the art of pot still distilling than the Scots. More than other styles like column stills, pot stills produce a lot of what is known as “reflux”—the alcohol vapor that condenses on the inside of the still then runs back down to the bottom before finally making it all the way through the still and being collected on the other end. At Wildrye, their pot stills batch-produce a wonderfully clean vodka from corn (so it is naturally gluten free from start to finish) that is brought down to bottling proof with Montana mountain water. If you are already a fan of Tito’s Vodka from Austin, Texas, this whole process might sound familiar. As an added feature, Wildrye Premium Vodka retails at a great low price that makes it a perfect candidate for your home bar.

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