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Heritage Distilling Brown Sugar Bourbon

Coming from Heritage Distilling in Gig Harbor, Washington, the BSB is a whiskey for people who might not be a regular whiskey fan.

The nose on this deep-amber spirit is intensely sweet—so sweet and low-alcohol (only 60 proof) that it feels out-of-place being called a “bourbon.” The initial nose is a hefty dose of (you guessed it) brown sugar, caramel, and a slight bit of cinnamon. The palate confirms that, and it drinks more like a cordial than a whiskey.

The richness of this spirit makes it a unique and distinct addition to any holiday cocktail that calls for either a whiskey or a heavy rum—think egg nog, or try substituting one part of the BSB for one part of your normal Manhattan recipe for a more decadent dessert cocktail. If you do not think you are a whiskey fan, give the BSB a try.

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