Ullr Nordic Libation

Winter is tailor-made for peppermint schnapps, and Ullr is one to get to know. From Hood River Distilling in Oregon, Ullr brings peppermint and cinnamon together in a balanced and easy-going schnapps that avoids the usual pitfalls of either being overly sweet or overly hot with the alcohol. The bright peppermint tones are a bit bracing up front, but it does mellow out into a smooth warmth that belies the fact that it is 90 proof. The cinnamon develops later on the palate, and the fusion of the two makes this a versatile, all-purpose winter schnapps.

Adding it to hot chocolate is a natural choice, but it works well in cold cocktails as well—try using it as a vodka replacement in a Mule, enjoy it chilled on its own, or whip up an Ullr highball with something like a lavender bitters to top it off.

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