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Montgomery Distillery’s Skadi Aquavit

Aquavit (sometimes spelled akavit) might not yet be on your drinking radar, but we can correct that. The most iconic Scandinavian spirit, aquavits are traditionally distilled from either grains or potatoes and most dominantly flavored with either caraway or dill seeds.

The only Montana distillery currently producing an aquavit, Montgomery Distillery, has adopted somewhat of a Danish style with the Skadi, bringing the dill front-and-center on its long, soft finish. Aquavit is a bit of an all-purpose addition to your home bar since it can easily take the place of vodkas and gins in many cocktails, and its savory qualities enable it to pair well with foods that seem impossible to pair.

If your holiday celebrations include anything like strong cheeses, pickled herring, oysters, or really anything that caraway or dill would naturally pair with well, this is your answer. However, you will have to remember that when drinking aquavit the traditional way—a chilled dram—you cannot forget the traditional toast: Skaal!

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