Spotted Bear Vodka

It is not every day that you encounter a vodka that breaks the mold of “neutral, tasteless grain spirit” and evokes its own origins with subtlety and grace. This Montana-made vodka from Spotted Bear Distillery in Whitefish is a masterful creation from sugar beets that delivers more than just a typical clean, vanishing spirit for cocktails. The nose holds a delicate earthy sweetness –almost floral—that leads into a slight, soft, ruby-sweet palate with a velvety texture and a clean finish.

What makes this vodka so attractive is the fine balance it strikes between recalling its sugar beet origins while not over-powering the palate with sweetness. It has enough character and charm to beguile you on its own, but it plays so nicely with others that it can also find a home in your favorite vodka cocktails. If you are looking to branch out and explore the unique offerings coming from our innovative Montana distilleries, make sure to put Spotted Bear Vodka on the list.

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