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The “sparkle” or bubble in Sparkling wine is carbonation inherent in the wine making process or alternately, carbonation can be added to the wine.


Just about any varietal grape or blend of grapes can be made into a Sparkling wine. Sparkling wine was first made in France. Champagne, while often synonymous with Sparkling, is just one region of France where Sparkling wine is made. Only wines made in this region of Champagne can or should carry the name Champagne. Other types of Sparkling wines are Prosecco (Italy), Cava (Spain), Cremant (France) and many “Champagne” style Sparkling wines made in the United States as well as almost all other parts of the world that produce table wines. Champagne and Champagne style Sparkling wines can be a delightful way to start any meal or celebrate an occasion. Sparkling wines can also be the perfect solution to wine pairing for a diverse menu as they can be enjoyed from pre-meal cocktails through all the food courses and even accompany many desserts.

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