What catches you first about Double Cross vodka is the remarkable (and award-winning) packaging--it truly is a world-class design with excellent attention to both the minute details (like the wax seal) and the gestalt of refinement and luxury. Typically, when a bottle...

When you see the term “craft” on a spirits label, you have to remember that it has no standard definition and can often just be a marketing ploy to gussy-up an otherwise ho-hum product. Every now and then, however, that term is a perfectly good descriptor of a spirit t...

There is something to be said for artful simplicity in all things, the masterful use of the fewest resources to produce the best result. An economy of materials. A bold move that relies as much on the skill of the craft as on the quality of ingredients. When it is done...

Two things are always true about vodka: one, it is the simplest kind of spirit; and two, a good vodka is a clean vodka. To put it a little simply, vodka can be made from absolutely anything that ferments—a distillate can only qualify as a “vodka” when it comes off of t...

Crafted in small batches from Montana wheat and malted barley, this vodka from Helena’s Gulch Distillers is definitely one to add to your collection. It is rare to find a vodka that has such a fine balance between a slightly sweet, creamy body and a clean, mellow palat...

There is a secret to vodkas: price does not always scale directly with quality. You can find yourself spending top-dollar for a spirit that is, at best, decent, or you can find clean, highly enjoyable vodka for surprisingly little coin. Enter Frïs, a curiously inexpens...

It is not every day that you encounter a vodka that breaks the mold of “neutral, tasteless grain spirit” and evokes its own origins with subtlety and grace. This Montana-made vodka from Spotted Bear Distillery in Whitefish is a masterful creation from sugar beets that...

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